Jolittle Travel Agency

For JUST $599, you can go on a round trip throughout the Carribbean!

Starting in The Bahamas and ending in Barbados, you can have the best few months of your life!

*Hotel stay is included in package*

Fun-filled 2-week trip includes:

1st) Snorkeling with the fishes in the Bahamas

2nd) Visit Dolphin Cove OR the Bob Marely Museum in Jamaica

3rd) Scuba diving in Catalina Island in Dominican Republic

4th) See beautiful historic San Juan in Puerto Rico

5th) Sailing in Marigot Beach in St. Lucia

6th) Visit Animal Flower Cave and see the Coral in Barbados

Travel between the beautiful sites will be on a beautiful cruise!

Who wouldn't want to go on this trip?!?!

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